#006 – Blessed by her Highness

Inspection on 27 June 2018.

A regular inspection turned exciting when I realised my bee colony has increased significantly in population. The brood frames have increased by 4 and the honey frames by 2. They are lively, healthy and happy bees.

And then exciting turned to amazing when I saw the queen! Ah, what a fleeting moment. I saw her and then she disappeared again, she scurried along hiding amongst her daughters. Ah, but I saw her. I finally met the mother of all my little workers. Oh, I hope to see her again for a little longer next time.

Inspection Results: The colony is thriving with more brood, more honey and more pollen. Some of the pollen had a dusty green colour, not sure what it is from and will have to check it out. I finally saw the queen who looks healthy and happy. Other than the usual neighbours, the earwigs, no one else seems to be bothering the ladies.

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