Read: The Secret Life of Bees

Read: The Secret Life of Bees

This is not a book about bees.

It is however a beautifully written novel that touches upon various sensitive topics, such as civil rights, freedom and love. The author uses elegant and subtle elements embedded in innocent scenes, effectively sending the reader the intended messages. Above all, she uses the main character’s young, innocent and honest personality to expose the absurdity of stereotypes and taboos imposed by close-minded people of the past.

Where do the bees come in ? In her journey, Lily Owens, comes across three sisters who happen to be beekeepers. The life of the bees and the lessons learned thorough caring for them, closely intertwine with her own exploration of her past and her understanding of the world around her. They are the catalyst that initiates Lily’s adventure, guide her through it and finally help her find peace within its ending.

This book was not what I expected I had picked up but was a pleasure reading right through. I would highly recommended for anyone looking for a light-hearted, funny novel with a warm story.

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