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Two pink ballpoint pens on table

It’s National Stationary Week! These are the latest additions to my stationary dream list (inspired by love for 🐝):

square front 1.jpg
Deluxe 2019 Seed Calendar – Wildlife Edition (No longer available)

by Seedlings Cards & Gifts
A beautiful calendar that helps you build a beautiful garden all year round! A bit late in 2019 for me to be buying this, but I am definitely keeping it under my radar and so should you if you are based in the UK and love Wildlife!

Seed Greetings Card – Plantable card!

by Hannah Marchant
Next time you plan on purchasing a birthday or other greeting card, consider a seeded one! Based in Somerset, Hannah’s designs celebrate nature with joyful colours and thoughtful production.

bee letter - contact at home of juniper
Bee Letter Writing Set – Katie Leamon (No longer available)

by Home of Juniper

Designed by London’s Katie Leamon, this writing set is both beautiful and generous: 10% of the money goes to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, supporting UK’s bumblebee species by bringing back their habitats.

Insect design A6 sketchbook

by Eden Project
Another one from the Eden Project. With vibrant colours and a fun design, this sketchbook is a must to keeping our inner child alive. 100% recycled plain paper for all the guilt-free scribble freedom your heart desires.

Sprout Pencil

by Sprout
£10.00 (pack of 5)

Yes, that’s right – once you are done with your Sprout pencil, you just plant it and watch it grow into a beautiful, herb, flower or even vegetable.

I hope this has inspired you as it does me, to look at every day products in a more meaningful and intentional way. Although we are often tempted or even forced to prioritise the cost of items, the simple act of consideration of the alternatives has a huge impact. It has the great potential to one day lead to the revelation that actually, we are not paying more for just pencil, we are simplybuying more packaged in just a pencil.

Katkoot x

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