It’s been a while…

You must be wondering where I have been all this time, what I have been up to instead of right here, sharing my news with you.

There has not been much buzz over this side of the screen other than, this:

I have been travelling a little further than 3 miles from my hive…

Copenhagen was colourful and fun !
You can trust me to discover Copenhagen’s beehives…and stick my ear to hear for any buzzing!

Mama Bee has been over for a short visit, so I have been busy cherishing every minute with her…

She brought the sunshine with her… ❤

And finally, somewhere in between all the activity, I have been reading books with and without bees – which have been increasing instead of decreasing! – and finished building my new beehive.

I have of course, visited the colonya few times, for a mini inspection, which really just involves me crouched by the side of the hive staring at the entrance, observing the activity. You will be pleased to know we do not only have survivors, we have pollen collection in full swing! We have troops out foraging in preparation for a broody queen.

I am extremely pleased to see this outcome from my overwintered hive, especially as I had made the conscious decision to not feed the bees; contrary to most of the beekeepers I know. This decision was bound to make me nervous about the colony’s destiny, and has definitely cost me the opportunity of honey harvest as well as the potential of a larger hive that could have been split this season. However, this feeling of pride and satisfaction in seeing my ladies make it through with minimal (nutritional) input from me is totally worth it – worth every drop of would-have-been-mine honey.

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