#022 Happy bee, happy me!

Pink and yellow flowers at sunset

It seems like January is flying by, as though everything and everyone is running away from the end of 2018. Was it that bad? It’s either that, or we are all chasing after the resolutions we (hastily?) made at the beginning of 2019. Perhaps a little bit of both, with a sprinkle of peer pressure.

In any case, the year of 2019 seems to be the year of well being, self-reflection, sustainability (both in material and spiritual habits) and above all, meditation and calm. I consider myself lucky to know what makes time stop for me and what calms everything down – and that is being in the presence of bees. In an era where time spent being still is very often considered “wasted”, I seem to waste too much just staring at the activity of the hive, be it early in the morning or midday.

The health of a colony is evident by its activity and in turn by the beekeeper’s emotional status. During my last inspection, I witnessed several bees flying in and out, cleaning the hive by bringing dead bees out. This is a good sign that the population is high enough to spare bees for cleaning activities, a necessary job for the future health of the colony within. I was also lucky enough to spot a very tired bee returning from a foraging journey, carrying bright yellow pollen! Yet another good sign that they are able to not just wonder out, but actually find available forage to bring back, in preparation for new brood in spring.

During the 30 minutes I spent staring at my 6-legged friend, I completely forgot of my own existence and nothing mattered to me, other than these tiny creatures and their happiness. My spirits were lifted and time did not exist. It’s very simple I guess: a happy bee will result in a happy me!

Have you found the features that form your happy place? Those magical elements, that can effectively stop time?

One response to “#022 Happy bee, happy me!”

  1. Reading the good news about the bees made me Happy too ! 🙂

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