#020 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you have had a great holiday break with lots of love, food and of course presents! Not surprisingly, several of my presents were heavily bee-related which in turn instantly triggered my inner bee-chatter to be released upon those around me. (Sorry! not sorry…) The biggest gift of all was a brand new, flat-packed beehive! So I guess beehive building has been added to January’s to-do list; I am so excited! I have also received a wonderful book called “Buzz” by Thor Hanson, written beautifully and inspiring. The book review is pending soon đŸ™‚

As for the New Year coming, my wish for 2019 is for the world to be more colourful (with flowers) and for a year full of prosperity, respect and health for bees and all wildlife. I wish we all find that balance of enjoying everything nature has to offer without burdening or abusing it. Closer to home, I wish my bees are strong enough to go through the rest of the winter and to thrive in the new season, starting with the Snowdrops coming in January.

The last inspection of 2018 was quite stressful, with the bees clustering very tightly and the beekeeper worrying about food stores. I had made the difficult decision of placing fondant on the hive, in hope that they would not really need it to survive, but expecting that they might. With that, I wished them a Merry Christmas and promised to see them again in the New Year.

Well, it is now the New Year and my visit to the bees was on 1 January 2019 (I really couldn’t wait). Marking the start of the year was my hive with bees flying in and out on cleansing flights and potential foraging! All the ones I have observed looked healthy and lively; a fantastic treat for the start of my Year and a great morale booster! Now, where was that flat-packed hive…?

The First Inspection of the 2019 (black carpet was added previously as insulation)

May the beginning of your year mark the start of a great 2019 for you and your loved ones, and thank you for your readership in 2018. I aim to continue sharing my personal experience with you and hope to be able to entertain and inspire you for another great year of beekeeping.


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