#017 Bad news

Actually, terrible news.

In fact, I am extremely worried and pessimistic about my colony’s survival. I saw today bees with deformed wings, i.e. they are infected with the (overt form of) Deformed Wing Virus. I am at a loss and don’t know what to do.

A flightless bee cannot fulfill its destiny; cannot complete its final task of providing the colony with the food needed to survive the winter.

I need to read up now, because I don’t know what I can do, if I can do anything – if there is hope, if they survive winter.

Note: looking at these photo, I am worried that there are signs of yet another virus, Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus. I am not sure, I just have to monitor more frequently now.


2 responses to “#017 Bad news”

  1. Ah no! Why?

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  2. Oh Katie, this is indeed a very worrying situation. The poor girls. There must be something, and I sincerely pray and hope, that one can do. Have you tried contacting any of your colleagues or the center where you did the training? I will keep thinking positive for the girls’ sake. I really want them to survive.

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