Play: Bee Factory

A mobile screenshot of the game app "Bee Factory"

Picture this: It’s 2am in the morning and I just cannot sleep. So what do I do? Look for a brain numbing game on the phone that can lure me into falling asleep.

We all know the clicker games (also called idle games), where no brain power whatsoever is required, only the clicking of a mouse, or the tapping of the phone screen in this case. These games are addictive because the results are instantaneous:

You tap = you get money

You tap faster = you get more money

You tap like your life depended on it until you lose all feeling in your arm = you get tons of virtual ka-ching.


The (idle game) flavour of the month is called “Bee Factory (yes, I chose it due to it’s title, it’s no different to Cookie Clicker or Egg Inc.)

It’s got a cute app icon as well. ^.^

The general concept of bee farming is correct: Bees deposit honey in the cell, you extract it and put it in jars to sell. The more bees you have, the more honey you extract and the more you upgrade the bottling machine, the more you sell and more $$$ is made.

As you progress you unlock new bee types (of course). Check out some I have unlocked:

Make sure you tip these fellas generously, pollen preferred.

They fetch the honey from the jars in the tombs of the Pharaoh – shh…no one needs to know.

No resting required, maximises honey production efficiencies. Only found in industrial estates where there is an abundance of oil.

After the 10th drone, wouldn’t you want to try something “different”…?

Final Verdict: Great game for unproductively killing time, while feeling 0.02% closer to nature. Do not use it to teach your kids about the rare types of bees.

And please, please, please, do not treat real hives as factories, bees are our friends, not our slaves. 

Honeybee on Apple iOS 5.1

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