Local Mixed Blossom Honey Comb

A box with a clear screen showing honeycomb filled with honey

This honeycomb was given to me as a gift by my aunt. It is from a local to her beekeeper N Davis, near Swindon and is handcut (therefore, no factories involved). The evidence is in the hand-applied address label and the hand-written net weight on the packet. 🙂

The honey started to flow out of the comb as the weather got warmer and a light, golden liquid started pouring out. The image shows it half eaten because I only decided to start this blog after I had started enjoying this treat.

When I first opened the package, I was disappointed by the lack of aroma, it was not what I was used to. As I returned for more guilty spoonfuls, I started appreciating that is wasn’t a lack of aroma but the presence of a delicate one.

On inspecting a spoonful of the comb, I also noticed that the wax walls were thinner than I remembered them to be, and were not suitable for chewing like a gum, something I did with honeycomb as a child. Later conversations with other beekeepers shed light on this difference: the British consumer simply prefers thinner comb. In fact, I can see the benefit of thinner comb, it adds a very slight texture to the blossom honey flavour without altering it. It allows you to enjoy the sharp, flowery taste of the honey while the comb melts in your mouth and disappears.

Little, delicate barrels of sweetness

I have also tried this honey on toast. Due to the comb, the honey is not too runny but also it’s not solid like set or crystallised honey and spreads like a dream on toast (even when it has cooled down). The delicate taste and thin comb, perfectly compliment the bread with the flavour only slightly tipping in favour of the honey over the bread and without any of the crystal-gritty-like texture that some set honeys have.

Overall, this is a beautiful, delicate honey (best on toast) from N Davis, their bees and the flowers of Swindon 🙂

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