#005 Wait for it…

Inspection on 21 June 2018.

I was so excited to see the bees today because I was sure that most of the brood would be out by now. I was also excited because I was bringing my brother along to have a look at my very own hive for the first time.

It was in fact quite disappointing…

My brother was not all that interested, he sat on a stump on the side and checked his phone out for the duration of the inspection. He also asked no questions whatsoever or showed any excitement. Well that was that, I don’t know if I can take him again – it will be like a chore for him.

The bees were also a bit disappointing as the majority were still hanging out in their cells. They probably know the amount of chores they will have to do coming out of their cocoon and are delaying it as much as possible. I imagine them like tiny teenagers in bed on a school day – reluctant and in denial of what is to come. With this situation going on, the numbers in the colony are still low and there is nothing I can do. This will be a slow season. I will just have to wait for it…

Inspection Results: The bees are now getting used to me or I am getting used to them because I find them a lot more calm and manageable than at first, even though I use less smoke now. I still haven’t spotted the queen but the brood frames are abundant and in all stages, suggesting the queen is about.

2 responses to “#005 Wait for it…”

  1. Give him a job taking pictures. 🙂

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    1. If only he was any good at photography… 😂

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