#003 – Textbook Inspection

This inspection was on the 7th of June 2018.

Mentally armed with confidence and hope, I visited my bees for my second solo inspection, and it was amazing ! First of all, the smoker worked – beautiful, thick, steady smoke gave me reassurance in the event the ladies decided to get all annoyed with me again.

My partner joined me on the visit (from afar), but more importantly, he made sure I had the GoPro on my head to record the whole process. I prodded along toward the hive in my heavy gear (and breath), muttering all the tips I had learned in the last week and reminding myself that I should just send them lots of love (just as August encourages Lily in “Secret Life of Bees”). Give them a small amount of smoke toward the entrance to warn them you are here… Lift the roof off very very gently… No need to look into the super, they are nowhere near there just yet. I placed the super aside and there they were, my bees. Their buzzing was much more mellow, more like a humming or murmuring sound than a buzz. Suddenly, I felt home again, I felt welcome.

Successful Capture from the GoPro footage

Needless I say my inspection was textbook grade. No smoker was even required during the inspection. Brood of all stages were present, honey was collected, pollen was stored around the brood and as per usual the queen was lurking in the dark corners I couldn’t see. I suddenly felt a new type of relief and adornment, that I can only connect to realising that these creatures you emotionally care for are ok. When you know that they are and will be ok…

Inspection Results:  The colony is not growing much, but that is expected as they started in the hive with no brood in the cells. However, most of the drawn comb is occupied with a healthy pattern of brood at all stages. Fingers crossed, within the next week or two, the population should start to grow and thrive in its new home. I can’t wait to see their little heads emerging !

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